3 Reasons To Advertise Your Business On an Internet Radio Show

A lot of businesses are missing out on the goldmine of advertising over internet radio stations that reach their ideal clients frequently and on an affordable budget. Businesses have changed with the times with their equipment and many other advertising mediums, but not in the radio sector. For those who didn’t know there was an alternative to traditional radio broadcasting, this article will introduce you to this glaring and growing phenomenon of people enjoying control of the content they consume and experiencing more connection and community associated with it through internet radio platforms.

Reach your Ideal Listener/Consumer

Internet radio is broadcast (more properly called “webcast”) live, just like traditional radio, only you connect to it via a web address that indicates the opening of a media player. The world of internet radio stations is much more vast and often has a grassroots feel that listeners love and feel more a part of. Gone are the times of purely local agenda. Listeners now can choose radio stations based on their own interests. This is a total advantage to business owners because they can advertise with a radio station hyper-relevant to their product or service. With traditional barriers broken, internet radio stations and businesses can partner in a number of ways that local broadcasts can’t.

Have more of your Listener’s Attention and Time

In our busy 21st century lives, consumers want more relaxing ways to enjoy their entertainment. Streaming music and radio show stations, and podcasts have gained popularity over television, movies, and books the past few years because you can enjoy it while doing virtually anything. This is proven true by the fact that 2 of the top 5 apps in America are YouTube and Pandora.

Traditional radio is typically listened to during certain peaks hours of the day, during the listener’s commute. Internet radio stations can be listened to anywhere, while your ideal listener does anything; walking, cleaning, or lying down with their eyes closed! This means that there are no peak hours you pay a premium to advertise within. Your advertisements will be beneficially webcast to a larger audience of listeners that are already well-matched to your product or service any time of day, for any length of time!

Internet Radio Advertising is one of the Most Cost-Effective Advertising Mediums

Advertising in newspapers, television commercials, and traditional radio has grown in price dramatically over the years, despite their viewership continuing to decrease year after year. Radio, both traditional and webcast radio, have grown less in price than any other form of advertising, so you can take advantage of this unpopular, yet effective medium before anyone finds out this best-kept secret!

Remember, with radio advertising, you’re always the only thing they will (mentally) see or hear when your advertisement comes on. You are always center stage, or front page if you will. Elsewhere, your ad must compete with other advertisements pining for the consumer’s attention, but one listener can only listen to one thing at a time. And with this amazing advantage, you can charm your consumer with more creative expression than ever before. With audio advertising you can use music, voice, and sound effects, invoking emotion that other mediums of advertisement lack.

Another point of advantage is that with online radio advertising, your consumer is already online. If your ad peaks their interest, it won’t take them much effort to browse your website or respond to whatever call to action you put out there.

5 Tips For Closing Internet Radio Show Sponsors

Relationships and paid sponsorships are often the life force of an internet radio station or show. It is imperative for a radio personality to engage with his listeners on and off the show, fully understand their desires, and deliver what he or she knows they will love to consume by partnering with desirable businesses through sponsorship! For the business owner who already understands the value of advertising on an internet radio show, the partnership is an easy one to close on. Just a few of the benefits of advertising on internet radio include targeting a highly matched-to-their-product audience, a more “colorful” platform to raise engagement on, and a low cost compared to other major forms of media today. For those new to your pitch, consider the following.

  1. Open Your Pitch With Details About Your Show

Too many make the mistake of pitching advertising on their show or station prior to gaining the prospect’s interest in the foundation of their show. A soft opening to a pitch would be to introduce yourself and what the show is about. Tell them why you enjoy doing the show and then ask them if they enjoy similar topics. Let the conversation flow for some time before getting into a business to business pitch. After you’ve learned what they do for a living and how they are personally invested in it, you’ll be able to tailor your pitch around how your show’s audience fits their business.

2. Target Companies That Will Have The Most Success According To Your Audience

Speaking of knowing how your show’s audience will fit a business’ need for reach, you should keep a running list of individuals and companies that directly relate to your audience. You don’t have to go simply off the top of your head, you can survey your listeners to find out exactly what they would like to hear about. Take advantage of that email list and opportunity to tailor your station or show to them. They will happily offer feedback to a show they are invested in.

3. Explain the Basic Benefits of Advertising With Internet Radio Over Any Other Medium

Advertising over an internet broadcast is one of the most effective and affordable well-kept secrets in advertising. Its cost has not risen nearly as much as other major platforms because people have not yet caught onto this, so stations still have quite the demand for new advertisers. At an affordable rate, you can target an audience that is exactly in your niche- whether it’s locals, people who enjoy certain topics, or some other demographic. Another selling point is how much of your listener’s attention you have. With visual advertising, you only have a 2D platform that usually competes with many others; whether billboards, newspaper ads, or magazine spots. In broadcasting or properly termed “webcasting”, your listener’s only two ears are strictly engaged on your advertisement that can use sound and language to evoke any emotion or sense of urgency you want it to.

4. Have Your Packages and Offers Clearly Outlined and Priced

If you’ve taken these suggestions, you’ve probably got your listener hooked! If you’re in radio, you probably already have a little talent for that. What next? You should have your packages and pricing clearly outlined so that your hot lead can quickly come to an educated decision and write the check. The less time between making your pitch and having the pricing material, the better.

5. Upload a Demo of Your Show To YouTube to Assist Your Pitch

For the consumer or business person who likes to make the most educated decision possible before investing money into advertising, you will want to have a demo or episode sample of your show uploaded to YouTube. Keep the URL on your phone as a memo so you can quickly and easily text the link to your new prospect! Tell them to “have a listen and let me know what you think!”, send them the YouTube video and your name in a text, and they’ll also have your phone number!