How To Work A Room As An Event MC

The main responsibilities of the Master of Ceremonies is to pump up guest speakers, keep time, and announce and direct the event’s activities, but the MC also needs to know how to “work a room”, get to know your event’s guests and encourage their good time by coming up with relevant jokes and making them feel special. This article outlines some of the main components that make a good MC great.

Take On A Representative Role

Before any event, you’ll need to read and memorize the event’s mission and key player’s names and backgrounds. To be a great MC, you will “pump up” the organization and make guest speakers feel valued by knowing and truly respecting their work, but also, you can make an even greater impression as an associate of the event by plugging the speakers and the organization into the conversations you’ll have with guests in between announcements and activities.

Know Your World

In preparation, an MC will also want to be up to date on trending stories. Favorite social media platforms are a great resource, as well as Yahoo! News. Whether you live in a big city like Las Vegas or a small city, knowing and making light of local news can also be quite entertaining. Using the local news station’s website, you will know the latest in your city and the expected weather, too. These topics will also serve as “small talk” when having side conversations or mingling post-event, and if it affects post-event driving conditions.

Know Your Venue

Once at the event, take note of important places and activities within the event. You’ll want to know where the bathrooms are located, as well as the entire event staff and what they do, and where to locate the food and beverages.

Be Personable

Your first broad impression will be your introduction, so you’ll need to think of and practice a short introduction that not only tells the audience who you are in relation to the event, but what you are there to do for guests.

Take On a Guide/Friend Role

Think of yourself as the evening guide, or the only “friend” someone may know at this party or event. Keep moving among the event and especially talk to those who are alone. You’ll be fulfilling your duty as a great MC by providing warmth and an inviting energy to guests, and for them, the gesture will be remembered. Don’t discriminate which guests you’ll engage, ask open-ended questions and show genuine interest. Give your business card to them if it’s appropriate, thank them for the great conversation, and excuse yourself so you can continue being available to other guests.

“Chase your dream. Don’t ever stop chasing it”.

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